Data Science

Data Science

eLogica Solutions, as one of the leading Data Science consulting firms, range from Data Science consulting services to actual data preparation and modelling, followed by ongoing optimization and performance tuning of the models.

We also migrate algorithms, models across advanced analytics platforms. We also provide training services to increase business user adoption of Data Science offerings.

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eLogica's Data Science Solutions

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Scope identification, feasibility assessment, choice of tools and algorithms.

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Data Preparation

Enriching the data set by missing value replacement, outlier analysis, categorical variable definition.

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Model generation

Generating the model, testing and refining on basis of validity of output.

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Performance Tuning

Enhancing model and scripts on ongoing basis, over and above model self-learning.

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Migration of algorithms, models from one platform to the other, e.g., SAS to R.

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Training of business users as well as technical teams on SAS, Python and R

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